ELK² — 2020

Margarita Athanasiou

Margarita Athanasiou is an artist and poet from Athens.


She studied at the Slade School of Fine Arts in London where she specialised in New Media. Since then she has participated in many exhibitions and performances in Greece and beyond. She is a passionate memer and author of six poetry publications. Her first book, Nouns, was published by Dolce Publications in 2018. Margarita Athanasiou is co-founder and intendant of the Athens Art Book Fair, an Onassis AIR Fellow and also an active participant in many independent projects in Athens.

Zoltán Lesi

Zoltán Lesi was born in Hungary in 1982.


He has published three volumes of poetry and the children's book Karton és Matild ("Karton and Matild", Móra Kiadó 2017). Zoltán Lesi translates German-language literature and facilitates literary exchange between Austrian and Hungarian authors in Vienna and Budapest. He has held residency fellowships at the Akademie Schloss Solitude in Stuttgart (2017) and the Villa Decius in Krakow (2018). His first German-language book In Frauenkleidung (»In women’s clothes«) was published in 2019 by Edition Mosaik.

Krišjānis Zeļģis

Krišjānis Zeļģis, born 1985, lives in Riga.


He studied library science and geography and worked in viticulture in France, construction in Mexico, as a librarian and baker. Now a brewer. As a poet he has published several books. His volume Zvēri (»Beasts«, Neptuns 2016) was published in 2020 in German translation by Adrian Kasnitz by parasitenpresse. He often collaborates with other artists from the fields of music and art. Most recently, his texts were adapted as a dance performance for the Latvian National Theatre.

Zehava Khalfa

Zehava Khalfa was born in Alma in northern Israel.


She studied genetics and Middle East politics at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and received her PhD on Israeli settlement policy from the University of Potsdam in 2020. Her works have been published in numerous Hebrew and German journals and anthologies. German translations of her poems have appeared in the anthology Was solle es bedeuten. Neue hebräische Dichtung in Deutschland (parasitenpresse 2020, edited and translated by Gundula Schiffer and Adrian Kasnitz). Her first book of poetry was published by Iton 77 (Tel Aviv) in August 2020. She is the mother of two children.

Željana Vukanac

Željana Vukanac was born in 1990 in Zadar.


She studied Serbian literature at the University of Belgrade and Cultural and Intellectual History between East and West at the University of Cologne. As a member of the editorial board of the journal Libartes, she translates poetry into Serbian and writes reviews. She has written two volumes of poetry. Prostori (»Spaces«) was published in 2019 by Slovo Gorčina, U talasima tela (»In the Waves of a Body«) 2020 at Književna radionica Rašić publishing. With Prostori she won the international literary prize Mak Dizdar of the Festival Slovo Gorčina (Stolac, Bosnia-Herzegovina) in 2018.

Eleonore Schönmaier

Born and raised in a remote settlement in northern Canada, Eleonore Schönmaier now lives partly on Canada's Atlantic coast and partly on the Dutch North Sea coast.


She is the author of three critically acclaimed collections of poetry, published by McGill-Queen's University Press, where her fourth volume, Field Guide to the Lost Flower of Crete, will appear in 2021. In German, the volume Wellenlängen deines Liedes (parasitenpresse 2020, translated by Knut Birkholz) was published.

Pablo Jofré

Chilean poet Pablo Jofré received the Lagar Prize in 2009 for Abecedario (»Abecedar«), the Premio Ciudad Sant Andreu de la Barca in 2010 for the poem LA DANZA DE LA EXISTENCIA (in Extranjería), and the Writing Fellowship of the Chilean Ministry of Culture in 2016.


Some of his poems have been set to music, made into films, and entire volumes translated into Greek, Italian, English, French, and German (including Abecedar, parasitenpresse 2017, translated by Barbara Buxbaum and Johanna Menzinger). Jofré translates poetry by Nora Gomringer, Elfriede Jelinek, Adrian Kasnitz, and David Shook into Spanish and lives between Berlin and Madrid.

Rasmus Nikolajsen

Rasmus Nikolajsen, born in Copenhagen in 1977, studied literature and has published nine volumes of poetry and three volumes of prose since 2000.


He has received an honorary prize from the Danish Arts Foundation and the prestigious Critics' Prize for his texts, among others. His long poem hvad skal vi med al den skønhed? (»what are we to do with all the beauty?«, Rosinante 2018) appeared in translation by Sarah Fengler in parasitenpresse in 2019.  Poems from the volume Tilbage til unaturen (»Back to Unnature«) can be found in the anthology Hier habt ihr mich. Neue Gedichte aus Dänemark (parasitenpresse 2017).